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  •  Earn Upto 12% Daily Profit
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Launch Date : 09/27/2016

Total Members : 901

Total Payouts : $3510.25

Total Purchases : $7300.00

Welcome to Kissing Cash

If you want high quality traffic and solid leads to your marketing products or programs then KissingCash has the best solution. With our variety of advertisement in each package equaling the PayPlan, it is inevitable and you will generate the leads, marketing traffic, and revenue we all are in search of when advertising. Each $5 Adpack gives you 5,000 AdCredits plus free 500 adcredit when you sign up . As a bonus revenue generated from our Advertising system is shared to all our members.

Pay Plan

Costs $5

  • Matures at 120%
  • Pack Expires in 10 Days
  • External Income Installed
  • 10% Referral Commission